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52 Small Gifts, One Each Saturday

Ever give a child a present and wonder if a week, month or year later they'll remember? Teach a child to plan ahead while reminding them how much you care over the year with a Saturday Box.

Each Saturday the child opens a small gift from their Saturday Box that's labeled with the date and a message of your choosing. It's like a gift-of-the-month club, except it's every week and it's always in the child's home (no extra shipping charges).

And it can help teach both practical values and moral values:

  • They'll learn candy is a weekly treat, not a daily entitlement.
  • It will help develop a sense of time structure. If they currently have a hard time grasping when four weeks from now is, use a Saturday Box. In a very short time you can just say, "It's four Saturdays from now," and they'll get it quickly! 
  • They'll build a sense of trust and responsibility as they learn the benefits of not gobbling it all up at once.

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Saturday Box
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